Thursday, April 30, 2009

check it out! Drawing Day 2009 is on June 6, 2009.

Draw all day/night and join the rest of the world doing it to! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Art Wish List!!

So I always need art supplies....

I thought this would be a good idea to make a list of what I actually need in case people wanted to buy me art related things:

One of my first things is Rives Light weight paper 19" x 26", I heard a rumor it's being discontinued but it's one of my favorite papers. I print and draw on it.

GOCCO supplies. I always need Gocco any color really. But if you question just buy me black, white and the primary colors. I also always needs screens (I have a PG5 so buy the smaller screens) and the flashbulbs. GOCCO was discontinued a while ago so I always want to stock up as much as I can!

Japanese paper. it can be plain or have printed imagery on it, it's great for printing on, collaging and chine colle-ing with.

Printmaking Ink! I really like Daniel Smith's block printing ink. I also really love Graphic Chemical's Blue Black Etching ink. I also like Charbonnel etching inks. But I'm partial to trying all kinds of printmaking inks and I really need to stock up for grad I'd love to try some of those Aqua-Kolor inks (you can find these on dick blick) or any inks that are oil based that can be cleaned up with soap and water! :)
--I also need ink knives/spatulas and brayers :) As well as, Graphic Chemical Easy wipe or Graphic Chemical's gel medium.

Gouache is my favorite type of paint. That said, I LOVE Winsor & Newton Designer's Gouache. It's the best and it mixes fabulously, feel free to get me any colors! :)
--Pelikan also has a gouache set in cake form that I've tried out and liked. Remember gouache is opaque not transparent like watercolor.

Uni-ball pens. Any kind except the super fine tips. These are my favorite pens ever.
--but really I like all kinds of pens that are gel like, microns, pentel and faber castell both make pens and markers that I like. Any pens with interesting colors. I also tend to have sharpies around.

Prismacolor pencils. You can never have enough. I tend to lose the white and black pencils first, so I could always use more.
--I also would like to try out polychromo and dick blick colored pencils.

As far as sketchbooks go, I'm a moleskine addict. I love their regular and pocket sized sketchbooks.
--eventually, I'd like to try one the watercolor books.

Various papers. Really any paper...watercolor, printmaking, drawing, wet media, dry media, etc...I'll probably try it out.

Archival Boxes. Yes, these are something I've pretty much always needed. Ask me what size.

Old National Geographic Magazines, I love looking through them and then cutting them up and recycling them into new things. :)

Found Photographs and Unwanted Photographs. Really, I want them! :)

Cardboard Portfolios because I always am moving things sometimes these are great for storing paper :)

....other things, just ASK!!