Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm not going to participate in large print exchanges before not unless I'm swapped with the hosts/participants before.

I am really fustrated, I sent in an edition of 22 prints. A drypoint and block printed image to an exchange in early May. I spent money on shipping and on the exchange itself and I've received nothing back.
Not even an email saying they received my prints, the only reason I know they did is because I had a delivery confirmation on the package.

I spent about 20 dollars on shipping and 50 dollars on ink and paper. I'm going to email them and hopefully they will resolve the situation, if not I will let everyone know not to participate in their projects and request they send my prints back to me immediately.

On a better note,
I've started art journaling again and we'll be posting my pages in a moleskine on flickr.