Sunday, April 27, 2014

Second Guessing

This post is a reminder to myself and maybe to others that need it, that I need to stop Second Guessing.
That I should trust my own intuition.

Sketchbook pages, found images, graphite, colored pencil, 2013.

Being a student again for the next few months, has started an old habit that I need to quit... Second Guessing.

I define Second Guessing as being unsure of your first thought, idea or action.
It's a bad habit I have had for a long time. I was never good at multiple choice tests as a child because while I knew the right answer, I was paranoid about their being too many letter C's in a row. Second guessing myself also took up chunks of my time while I was in Graduate School fussing over small paint strokes and what do with the "empty space" in my drawings.

Last night, I told my husband my classwork is taking me twice is long as it should because I constantly Second Guess myself when it comes to writing down my thoughts even though I know the material. I change how I have written things over and over again until what I wanted to say is no longer on paper. He told me that I am smart and that I should just do what comes naturally.

As we tell the children in our Preschool classroom, "Just make a choice, it's okay if it's wrong."
Sometimes I am way too hard on myself on such simple things and I need to stop that negative behavior. I just need to make a choice and stick with it.

In the sketchbook pages above, I made direct choices where I placed things and how I created. I trusted my hand and my mind and this is a behavior that I need to use in my day to day again.

Do you ever Second Guess your decisions?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Now Let's De-Stress

It has been a very long and trying week.

I have a list of things constantly spinning around in my head.
Meanwhile, there is never enough time to ever finish things around the house.

Then there is this guy...

Smiling away at me when...

...he wakes up in the morning.
...he is done with that thing he hates called bath time.
...after he eats half his bottle and I'm dabbing his mouth with a burp cloth.
...when I play peek a boo with him on the floor.
...when I pick up his stuffed Octopus and it's making noise.
...Dad walks in the door.

I have been so stressed out over things I cannot control and then that little guy stops me in my tracks, every time.

Please don't ever stop smiling Miley.

Friends, how do you De-stress yourself?

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Conversations with Four Year Olds

If you're new to my blog, I teach Pre-K and I love writing down some of the funny/strange/fun stuff my students say.
Welcome to another addition of Conversations with Four Year Olds...

(Introducing Mr. Jones to the blog)

X: "Ms. Jenn, do fish swim like this?" *motions arms*
Me: "Sea turtles swim like that."
X: "Do you have a fish?"
Me: "Yes, his name is Mr. Jones."
*numerous giggles and children saying "Mr. Jones?!!?" over and over again*
X: "Are you sure his name isn't Mr. Jonesy Wonsey Tonesy Bonesy Conesy?"
Me: "Pretty sure, but maybe I should call him that. Do you think he would like it?"
X: "YEAHHHHHH! But why do you call him Mr. Jones?"
Me: "Because he's regal, like royalty...he needs the mister."
X: "Ohhhhh! That makes sense."

X: "Ms. Jenn, did you know you eat the same Ranch that I eat with my carrots?"
Me: "Yes, except I eat the light kind with less calories."
X: "Oh yeah, I eat the dark kind of Ranch Dressing."

There is never a dull moment.

The Grits Blog

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life Happens

I have been slacking on blogging...

...Not because of the lack of ideas to write about but because life happens.

Any extra minutes I can spend with my little one or husband lately I cherish.

The pile of laundry, scribbled notes and clutter are not going anywhere but I only have so many minutes in the day to watch Miley grow or to talk to my husband.

I'm also starting a new chapter in my life for the next few months... I am officially a student again.
I will be working on my Pre-school certification. I'm excited to "get it over with" because I love my job and I want the job security.

Wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Have you seen BravoTV's Southern Charm?

Oh Bravo TV, you know how to bring the drama.

From the network that brought you the Real Housewives and the Millionaire Matchmaker comes the newest reality show to hit the south...

Southern Charm

"New series Southern Charm goes behind the walls of Charleston, South Carolina's most aristocratic families to reveal a world of exclusivity, money and scandal that goes back generations. The fast-paced, drama-filled docu-series follows six Charleston singles, Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks, Jenna King, Thomas Ravenel, Shepard “Shep” Rose, and Whitney Sudler-Smith, struggling with the constraints of this tight-knit, posh society. The cast, some descendants of Vice Presidents and four-term Senators, and others from "new money," is comprised of Southern bachelors who suffer from "Peter Pan Syndrome" by refusing to settle down; and the women in their lives who challenge them to grow up. Viewers will see them launch political careers, build businesses, break hearts, and chase true love -- all while struggling to preserve their family names. Because in Charleston, you're only as good as your last garden party and one social screw-up can taint generations to come."

Last night, I live tweeted during the episode to let the world wide web know some of my thoughts on these character's big personalities.

My thoughts on the show...

Whitney is fascinating but why is he so needy?! In earlier episodes, he needs a woman's touch picking out all of his outfits and he has an extremely strange relationship with his mother. In the fourth episode, he mentions his relationship is like that of the character Norman Bates in the Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho.

Kathryn is a trainwreck. Half of the things she said, I questioned if it was really for TV or if she was that oblivious to her actions. She's extremely immature for dating a 50 something year old man and really the whole "three guys in three weeks" situation, trashy. I did feel bad that all her dirty laundry was aired out at Thomas' dinner party. I did admire her strength to stand up for her decisions.

Thomas definitely reminds me of the typical "Southern Gentleman". I would love to see him find love but I'm not sure if I see it with Kathryn. I can see Thomas being the next contestant of The Bachelor. They could even film it in his own gorgeous home.

I adore Craig. He seems to be the most genuine out of the cast.

Jenna, oh Jenna...what is up with that hair? In the promo photos of the show, I loved that haircut on you but why do you constantly touch your hair? It drove me nuts. I do enjoy the fact that the show, shows a girl in the south with her own balls to the walls fashion sense. She's wearing black in almost every scene (if not every) and she designs gloves. However, Jenna I could do without the catty mean girl comments towards everyone else other than Cameran.

Cameran, I admire her go-getter bubbly personality. I think Bravo TV could have a spin-off just of her own adventures.

Last but not least, Shep reminds me of the type of guy I envision when I think of Charleston, SC. The all-American boy with a killer smile.

My favorite quotes from last night's show:

"It's not fun telling someone they have food in their teeth but they'll thank you later." -Craig

"I'm not going to talk about that at the dinner table, that was my great grandfather's dinner table!" -Thomas

Would I watch this show again?
Probably. I'm a sucker for a catty reality TV show.

Have you seen Southern Charm?

Disclosure: This post was a part of a Sverve campaign. I was not compensated for this post, all opinions are honest and my own. #SverveChat #SouthernCharm

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sketches of Miley

This week I thought of a new long-term project to work on...

(a secretive project until I can invest a lot of time on it)

But with many of my ideas, comes sketching in one of my trusty sketchbooks.
Here are some candid sketches I did of Baby M:

Even if my "project" doesn't work out the way I am planning it, I'll have lots more memories of Baby M on paper.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce: Instant Amplifying Volume Treatment Review

Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes as part of the #FindItAtTarget Campaign. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

I have more hair then I know what to do with.

Even though my hair is very thick, it can easily frizz and my long locks can fall flat in an instant.

Introducing the newest product I've found...
Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Instant Amplifying Volume Treatment.

Directions on packaging:
"After shampooing, smooth on to wet hair, starting from the roots and moving down to mid-lengths and ends. Massage your scalp for 30 seconds and rinse off. Style as normal, preferably blow-drying your hair upside down. Use every time you want maximum volume. Given the slippery texture of this treatment, we recommend removing excess water from your hands before dispensing."

My Thoughts:
After the first use, I really am impressed with this stuff.

My hair feels lighter without the bulk of some other hair products. I'm not one to blow dry my hair upside down, but I tried. The directions are fool proof and also state you also could try using rollers for your blow dry, but I am not patient enough to roll my hair.

Overall, for a hair product that promises volume, Charles Worthington delivered.
I plan to keep using this product when my hair just needs some extra bounce.

Grade: A

You can find Charles Worthington's hair products at your local Target.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Fashion Habits...

I love reading fashion blogs but I don't consider myself to be a "Fashion Blogger" with these habits of mine...

My outfits tend to have many layers. I’ll put a sweater or shirt overtop of my dress—probably not showing the dress to it’s full potential. I’m known for mixing patterns and prints that just do not go together.

I hate styling my hair because it’s a massive ordeal every time. Thick. Coarse. Frizzy. An out of control, mess.

I wear old man sweaters that are usually thrifted. My vintage Cosby sweaters from Polo, Lacoste and Saks are my favorites. My husband doesn’t think the baggy-ness does my body any justice. So I just end up looking like a bag lady.

•At one point, I spent more on makeup/beauty products than I did on clothes. Junior year of college my beloved roommate Jess pointed this one out…as she used some of my Chanel powder and Lancome lipstick before we went out dancing.

I wear my clothes till they fall apart. Jeans have to be full of holes; t-shirts’ fabric has to be worn thin. Stitching has to become unraveling to even think about throwing away any loved items.

•While I have lots of accessories, I never organize them well so I tend to wear the same ones over and over again. I have been wearing pearl stud earrings practically for weeks now.

I am definitely not one to win the Selfie Olympics. If I did any Outfit of the Day posts often they would be a hot mess! My pale skin always seems so washed out. I take awkward photos and I don’t have fun backgrounds/props to pose with outside. #LetMeTakeASelfie

•If I could, I would wear a zipper hoodie, skinny jeans and v-neck tshirts everyday. How exciting. Maybe even spice it up with a tunic dress and some leggings.

What's in, in the Fashion world, is really in the eye of the beholder anyway.

What are some of your Fashion Habits?

The Grits Blog

Monday, April 7, 2014

Another Grateful Monday

Another Monday is here and I'm reminded to stay positive and remember some of things that I am grateful for.

I am grateful for...

•Being able to watch Baby M grow and interact with my family. Those moments make me incredibly happy to know how loved he is.

•My husband being appreciative of all the things I do and telling me “You’re a great Mom,” when I secretly needed to hear it.

•My mother and all her strengths (which have never gone unnoticed). She reminds me that things are always okay and that I am always doing my best.

•Health, great health for my loved ones and myself. I am able to walk, jump and play with my little one. That is truly a gift.

•On this Spring Day, this rain. To help keep the wild drivers at bay when I am on my way to and from work. Also, to help bloom those flowers I have been dying to see.

...Have a week full of positivity!
Now go link up what you're grateful for.
Grateful Heart Monday

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First Artistic Moments

I was recently asked "When did you realize you loved art?" at Life With A Side of Coffee in this interview here.

...And to be honest it inspired this post.

(Crayon Drawing gifted to me by one of my four-year-old students)

I answered Christine by saying, "I actually have been making art all of my life."

While in Graduate school, a discussion we had while structuring our professional Artist presentations was our first Art experience(s). One of my fellow Grad Students mentioned drawing Bart Simpson in her school notebooks was her first memory of making something/being interested in art. Mine was thinking of my Grandfather's paintings and how he painted to remember the landscapes he experienced as a child.

I thought it would be interesting to share some of my first moments experiencing making things.

...Here it goes:

I have very vivid memories of making menus along with drawing all the various food and drink items (on these menus) to serve to my Grandparents. The restaurant slogan written neatly across the front of the menus read "Eat at EB's." EB's stood for "Eat at _______ (My Grandparents last name)." I thought it was pretty creative at the time and looking back, I am impressed with my food drawing skills.

My first sculptures were made on beaches. Known as Sandcastles to some, mine were decorated and cluttered with things I found along the beach. Straws, Trash, Seashells, Driftwood, bits of seaweed. A Hoarder's paradise.

Anytime the weather was nice outside, I was found drawing along the sidewalk with green, blue, yellow and pink sidewalk chalk. I probably was drawing flowers, little girls always want to draw flowers.

You could find me making hair wraps and bracelets with pony beads (the brighter the better) at summer camp, while I was wishing they would let us play with slippery muddy clay.

Using old crayons stored in an old vintage Captain Kangaroo lunchbox and in a re-used McDonald's nuggets box. I would draw pictures of things covered in hearts like houses and clothes in various tones of pink/red.

Coloring/Drawing/Scribbling with Crayola Washable Markers on every piece of paper I could find. Being told in Kindergarden I was no longer allowed to color during recess with my own markers (even though I happily shared with others).

Making Sand Art in glass bottles found in my Grandparent's basement, collages out of stuff that was doomed to make it in the trash and doodling on junk mail. These were a few of my favorite things.

Getting really excited every year to buy new school supplies. "Hello new markers, crayons, glue and pencils. It's always nice meeting your acquaintance!"

Taking an Adult clay class that focused on building forms where I made really oddball sculptures of heads. I only ended up keeping one out of all my pieces because some blew up while in a kiln (during a firing of another kid's solid horse head) and my mom and I failing to go back and pick up the rest.

Art has always been a part of me.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tone Body Wash: Petal Soft Pink Peony & Rose Oil Review

Disclosure: I received this product for free from a campaign from BzzAgent. All opinions are honest and my own.

If you regularly read my blog or know me in my personal life, you know how busy I am newly being a mother. Cooking, Cleaning, Feeding and Working. Rinse and repeat. When I get a hot shower, it's truly a luxury.

(Family Selfies post little guy's bath time are the coolest)

Luckily for me, I have a husband who will watch my little guy allowing to indulge in long showers and that's when I decided it was time to try out a new body wash.

Tone Body Wash...Where have you been all my life?!

I think I am in love.

Tone Body Wash Petal Soft Pink Peony & Rose Oil smells absolutely heavenly.
Rose Oil fragrance is naturally a pick me up type of scent and it blends well with the other floral notes in this body wash. The label on the back of the bottle reads "every girl deserves flowers" and that's what the fresh scent reminds me of every time I step into the shower.

The body wash lathers nicely and feels like silk. It is chalked with Vitamin E which is incredibly moisturizing on my very dry skin.

I love how simple the packaging is, a slim and effective bottle with legible labels (always a plus in my book). I really feel like I could stop writing about this right now and just let you know...
You need this body wash in your life!



...Now I'm off to hop in the shower to enjoy this stuff.