Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Making Friends

Making Friends, mixed media collage in my sketchbook, 2014.

I have been thinking a lot about the concept of making friends.

Do you remember back to the time when you thought every kid in your class was your friend?
I witness this everyday and sometimes I wish I could go back to that time when the thought of friendship was so simple.

At the same time, I also witness: "He told me we're not friends anymore." Followed by tears.
...It's usually over their "Friend" having too many linking cubes of one color, not wanting to share the princess barbie or better yet hogging the marker they want to use.
These kids have no idea how lucky they are to have friends who love them unconditionally for the most part.

Soon enough, you are older and you no longer identify every person you interact with as a friend.
You have moved. Gone to a different School. Found a new interest. Simply lost contact.

It becomes harder to make friends.


And my experience lately, has been thinking about a friend I lost a few years ago.
I never thought he would go from being my best friend to my ex-friend.

I'll share more soon, Art imitates life after all.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Where I've been...

Where have I been?

Busy. Busy doing the following things...

...Making Octopus tentacles for imaginary lesson plans.
...Chasing down pre-schoolers running away from the Warthog cage at the Zoo.
...Getting emotional over old episodes of the MTV show Catfish. "It's just so saddddd."
...wishing I was asleep.
...Pondering why Kass is still on Survivor, vote her off already!
...Thinking of blog posts but forgetting to write those ideas down.
...Dreaming of building Sand Castles with Baby M.
...Reorganizing my collection of pens and markers.
...Laughing at Baby M twerking during Tummy time.
...Being excited the Sour Patch Kids now include Blue gummies.
...Dancing a lot in my car.

What have you been busy doing??

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Sunday, May 4, 2014

To the Moms Out There...

Like many other posts, this one was inspired by my Pre-K students.
You see we are working on stuff for this holiday sometimes referred to as Mother's Day.

"This is my mom. Her name is ________. She is _________."

"What do you want to say about your Mom? What is she like? What do you love about her?"

The response:
Caring. Nice. Kind. Loving. Fun. Pretty. Beautiful. Smart. Helpful. Loving. Lovable.

Thank you to all the moms out there who encompass all of those things that a 4 year old defines as being a good Mother.

Thank you for putting up with temper-tantrums over the most ridiculous things, drying your child's tears and being positive role models.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and love.
I can never thank my own Mother enough for all that she does.