Monday, September 14, 2015

All he ever wants is Guacamole

It's true, all my 19 month old son ever wants is Guacamole.

I can never shovel it into his mouth fast enough.
Pictured above, is him today helping himself to my nachos, who I am I kidding... eating his nachos.

Funny enough, his nickname "The Guacamole Baby" is still sticking.
In my last day of freedom, or forced time off due to my surgery, we went to a local mall where I spotted a little Mexican eatery. A sign advertising nachos is really all I needed to convince me this where I was having a Son/Mommy lunch date.

M was chomping down on some nachos when all of a sudden I hear a voice saying, "Hey, it's the guacamole baby! How are you little guy? No guacamole cart here." see, M frequents all the local spots for guacamole. Who could forget this little curly haired ginger giggling and demanding "More! More!" every time he lays his eyes on that green goodness.

Other things M wants right now in his life at Nineteen months?

1. To play with my iphone, he can't get enough of "I don't understand what you're saying Jennifer."
2. M wants everything and anything to be a "Hat," especially laundry baskets.
3. Throwing every metal dish/pan/container around the kitchen floor would make him squeal with excitement.
4. Balloons, Balloons, Balloons...give M all the balloons so he doesn't have to tell them "Bye, Bye," at the grocery store.
5. A never ending supply of laundry to throw everywhere, especially if it's clean and folded. It would make M's day.
6. M would like to attempt to eat his weight in "Babies!" ...or as you know them, strawberries.
7. His own playground of trash cans, M loves to play in and around trash.
8. Unlimited planes in the sky. This kid loves to watch planes in the air.
9. To scream "Youuuu," non-stop.
10. Anything with Elmo on it, because Elmo is a toddler's life...or Spongebob.

...having a Toddler really is a blast. I promise.

Speaking of "motherhood," my long time friend recently started a blog called Mothergood.
Please check it out, especially if you're new to being a Mother. It'll give you all the right feels.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Life Happens + In my Studio

I haven't posted in over a month. I've been awfully busy.

The school year has started
...and I had facial surgery almost a week ago on my nose (septum) and one of my sinus cavities.

M is 19 months and keeping me on my toes as usual.
The picture above is from last night when he cutely demanded "Up" and sat on my lap as I was drawing with ink. There was Bob's Burgers on Netflix on and this kid will do anything for Bob's Burgers.

Meanwhile, It feels really nice to make art again.
Having my studio set up with plenty of old expensive papers I never used and collaging old works together is great. I am experimenting with all my materials. It's incredible.

I plan on eventually listing my mixed media works on etsy.

Hopefully, I'll be able to set aside more time to blog this month.

Thanks for stopping by as always!